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Supervisor, transgenesis and animal modeling [more]
  • How is human tissue used in the fight against cancer?
  • What happens if a donor chooses to withdraw?
  • What is translational research?
  • What is a prospective study? What is a retrospective study?
  • What is ethics?
  • What is the relation between ethics and laws?
  • Can I expect any benefits from becoming a donor?
  • What is respect for human dignity?
  • What is privacy?
  • What is an ethics review?
  • What research requires ethics review?
  • What is a tumor bank?
  • What information comes with the specimen?
  • How do I become a donor?
  • How do member banks protect the information of the donor?
  • What personal information is released to researchers?
  • What about the personal information associated with my sample?
  • What is the database and tissue bank of the FRSQ cancer research network (RRCancer-BTD)?