Quebec Leukemic Cell Bank and Hematological Cancer Research (BCLQ) :

The main missions of the Quebec Leukemia Cell Bank are:

  1. To set up a bank of well-characterized human blood tumour cells. The constitutional DNA is also stored for the majority of samples. A computerized databank includes all laboratory tests performed on these specimens, as well as the corresponding clinical data. Before this bank was created, the absence of access to adequate blood tumour specimens severely hampered our researchers’ efforts to competitively pursue their work. Also, the availability of these specimens now makes it possible to establish an essential link between the basic and clinical research communities.
  2. Provide chromosomal analysis by conventional cytogenetics and spectral karyotyping (SKY) for human and mouse cells.
  3. Contribute to the training of specialized staff and students.

The program’s objectives are:

  1. Comprendre les mécanismes impliqués dans les cancers hématologiques
  2. Développer des outils et des expertises pour:
    • Faciliter le travail des chercheurs en hématologie, en cancer et en immunologie
    • Faciliter le diagnostic, le pronostic et le traitement des cancers hématologiques
  3. Développer de nouvelles thérapies contre les cancers hématologiques

 In addition to its banking activities, this theme focuses on:

  • The identification, development and validation of new biomarkers and therapeutic targets in acute leukemia.
  • The support of programs for the development of new personalized therapies, including immunotherapy and the search for new chemical molecules, aimed at eradicating leukemic stem cells.

Director:                                          Scientific Advisor:

Josée Hébert
Université de Montréal
Guy Sauvageau
Université de Montréal


Telephone: 514 252-3400, poste 4678

François Béliveau
CIUSSS de l'Est-de-l'Île-de-Montréal

Scientific Committee:

Frédéric Barabé
Université Laval
Sonia Cellot
Université de Montréal
François Mercier
Université McGill
Marissa Rashkovan
Université de Montréal
Brian Wilhelm
Université de Montréal