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RRCancer’s mission is to create new opportunities for research to improve diagnosis, prognosis, as well as oncology patient care and services. The network is composed of researchers working in basic or translational research, clinical researchers, epidemiologists, geneticists, surgeons, biochemists, engineers and pathologists, and research professionals from all teaching hospitals and universities in Quebec. It encourages both fundamental and clinical multidisciplinary research and its functioning is based on the willingness of its members to work together to prevent cancer and to improve therapeutic approaches, while playing an important role in the training of specialized personnel and graduate students.

Although since its inception, the RRCancer has directly supported the banking of three types of major cancers (breast, ovarian and hematological), it offers an important infrastructure for all biobanks in oncology in Quebec (see biobanks). This infrastructure is at the heart of the inclusion of RRCancer in several large structuring projects in translational research or in clinical trials requiring banking and / or the use of biological material and data.

The roll-out of its activities has enabled RRCancer to develop strategic alliances with private foundations and other partners to help finance its various activities.