The experimental therapeutic (TE) axis of the FRQS network is an entity created by the Center of Experimental Therapy for Cancer of Montreal (CTECM) located at the Jewish General Hospital and is comprised of Quebec researchers dedicated to applied cancer research. Their mission is to develop new therapeutic paradigms for the benefit of the entire community. The TE axis plays a key coordinating role, especially between the basic, translational and clinical research environment, while the axis focuses on several themes that include:

  • Research focused on biomarkers, especially biopsies, to integrate them into a personalized medicine approach.
  • Integration of new treatments for the care of cancer patients by supporting molecular modeling and development of new drugs.
  • Development of new approaches to precision medicine, integrating new models of therapeutic trials in personalized medicine as well as developing studies guided by the molecular basis of cancer in order to match the patient with the best targeted therapies.

The CTECM collaborates with many leading edge companies in biotechnology and pharmacology, including the important cancer centers in Canada. Moreover, a bridge with the bio-pharmaceutical industry is an integral part of the development plan for the experimental therapeutic axis for the purpose of rapidly developing new cancer treatments.

Axe Thérapies expérimentales/Q-CROC


Gerald Batist
Université McGill
Miriam Santos Dutra
L’Institut Lady Davis


Miriam Santos Dutra


Dr Bassam Abdulkarim

Dr Moulay Alaoui-Jamali

Dre Raquel Aloyz

Dre Sarit Assouline

Dr Laurent Azoulay

Dr Mark Basik

Dr Richard Béliveau

Dr Christoph Borchers

Dre Katherine L.B.Borden

Dr Benoit Chabot

Dr Marc Fabian

Dr Cristiano Ferrario

Dr William Foulkes

Dr René Gaudreault

Dr Walter Gotlieb

Dr Bruce Gottlieb

Dre Celia Greenwood

Dre Nathalie Johnson

Dre Claudia Kleinman

Dr Bernard Lespérance

Dre Sylvie Mader

Dre Koren Mann

Dr Wilson Miller

Dr Thierry Muanza

Dr Alexandre Orthwein

Dr Lawrence Panasci

Dr Michael Pollak

Dr Stéphane Richard

Dre Siham Sabri

Dr Uri Saragovi

Dr Alan Spatz

Dr Ivan Topisirovic

Dr Mark Trifiro

Dre Josie Usini-Siegel

Dr John White

Dr Michael Witcher

Dr Jian Hui Wu